Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cute Little Fingerless Gloves

I hope everybody had a happy holiday!
These are actually some cute little easy fingerless gloves I knit up for my friend for Christmas, but never had time to post about. They're a great project to do with that little bit of yarn you have left from your Christmas projects.

For these, I used size 8 needles to cast on 25 stitches. Now I made these for one of my friends, who has extremely small hands, so you're welcome to increase the amount of stitches to 30 or 35. 
First, knit 3 rows of Moss Stitch (k1, p1.) Then, knit 6 rows of Stockinette Stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row.) Then, 6 rows of Moss, another 6 rows of Stockinette, and finish it off with another 3 rows of Moss. 
Bind off and sew up the side, but remember to leave a hole for the thumb!
Binding Off,


  1. I've been looking for a very easy pattern because I'm just beginning to knit. Yours is the easiest. Thanks for posting!

    Ana ^_^

  2. I tried this and made two awesome wrist warmers so fast and so easily. I tried something a little different. The first and last Moss Stitch were a different color and the middle Moss Stitch is a third. It looks so amazing! Thanks so much for this amazing pattern. :)

    1. That sounds great! I'm so glad you were inspired but were able to put your own spin on it. :)

    2. Thanks I will have to try that for my next pair of gloves!!!! :D

  3. Thankyou so so much! I found these super easy. I have been looking for a really easy pattern so I could make some gloves for winter and yours were the easiest I could find on the internet! Now I don't have to worry about birthday/Christmas presents, I can just make these! :) :D